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Below, I've compiled a collection of creations, from my brain to your screen, this seems to be the best way to communicate my ideas, I've found, as telepathy is a tricky art.

Some of the images are those which have been commissioned but my preferred themes are what I'd call 'fantastical wildlife'. I've been fed a variety of film & literature with these themes for as long as I remember & the natural world will forever be my soul-mate.

Most images begin life as a pencil drawing progressing to digital rendering with either Photoshop, Painter or ArtRage. There's a charm still to traditional

arts & I still love Prismacolour pencils on some good textured paper!

If you're interested in this, do check image descriptions & I'll endeavour

to be more specific...

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snippets of work... & things completely unrelated to work

but still hold some creative merit!

Explore, share, like & love - my gratitude is endless :)

Gallery & drawn content © Hayley "Faelourn" Millward

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